HerDem Rejuvenation
There are many 'regeneration' therapies developed by cultures in different regions around the world for those who have sought 'healing' for thousands of years. When applied alongside medical solutions, these preventative, rejuvenating, supporting and regenerating therapies make you feel good and increase your body’s resistance. To top it all off, you will have a pleasant time, relax and feel 'special'... Our HerDem Regeneration Center offers these unique facilities under one roof for the residents of our village.
We offer therapy massages for you to relax and unwind.
There is also a swimming pool for those who cannot be far from water.
We have a traditional Turkish bath where you can rest.
Hot tubs for you to relax in warm water.
You will breath easy after spending time in salt rooms which provides a remedy for breathing problems.
For the ones who find steam rooms too hot, we also have hay rooms that open the bronchi by sweating.
There is a Kneipp pool where you will get away from stress.
Hot water and stone beds that will heal your aches and pains.