No, it isn't. The title of the independent property ownership belonging to the house you have purchased will be issued in your name and you will possess all of the proprietary rights (right to sell, rent, etc.).

We receive such requests from alumni associations or close friend groups. Our mansions have 10 or 14 apartments and individual blocks for such sales are located in our village. In other words, you can have the chance to live in the same residence as your friends, and you can also benefit from special discounts for such mansion sales (10/14 apartments).

The minimum age limit for living in our village is 55 years. The aim here is to avoid purchases for summer or weekend use outside of the concept, to ensure that the inhabitants of the village live a long and social life, and to create neighborhoods and friendships. If you are planning for your future and your age is not yet 55, you may purchase an apartment now and let us sublease it with a guarantee, or you may lease it with a higher cost by yourself. After the age of 55 you can either stay here or continue to lease it out.

The rent guarantee depends on the price of your purchased apartment. In the monthly 1500-2000 TL + KDV (Value Added Tax) rent guarantee, the annual increase in the TEFE/TÜFE rate is assured from the very beginning. You will not be charged with any other fees or deductions and the amount will be paid to you on a clear basis each month. You can sign a rental contract for either one year or more. In this way, the rent guarantee can be extended to 20 years.

The scope and price of the Health and Cleaning package (annual TEFE/TÜFE price increase) is guaranteed by contract from the very beginning.

In this regard, we provide free value appraisement and sales support service for your existing real estate; however, there is no possibility of direct exchange.

The licenses for the project were received in March 2018 and the construction has begun and is planned to be completed by the end of 2019. The first residences completed in June 2018 and visits to the village could be made. Today, construction site visits can be made separately.

  • 1 + 1 apartments are 60 m2 and between 337.000 - 369.000 TL - 1 + 1 (including VAT, Fully furnished)
  • 2 + 1 apartments are 86 m2 and vary between 445.000 - 485.000 TL - 2 + 1 (Including VAT and Fully furnished).
  • Your Payment Alternatives are as follows:
    1. 80% Cash or Credit, 20% at the time of turnkey
    2. 50% Cash or Credit, 50% 12 months installment (with 2,5% discount)
    3. 100% Cash (with 7% discount)
    4. Special discounts are also available for collective purchases.
  • Mortgage loans can be used for up to 120 months from contracted banks.

The project is being developed by ETRA Holding on its own property. ETRA Holding is a group with Industrial, Real Estate, Tourism and Health companies that have over 500 million TL worth of turnover yearly and have had over 5 billion TL of turnover since 2004. For more detailed info

Additionally, before using the Housing Loan in a real estate project, the investor company analyzes the financial accounts, the assets and the financial capacities through the banks, and the banks establish a guarantor limit of the investor group for the project. Guarantee limits have been allocated by many banks in this project. In short, banks do not provide mortgage loans for projects they do not find reliable.

On the other hand, the contracts are signed in the presence of a Notary and it is obligatory that the contracts fulfill at least one of the guarantees and conditions for the completion of the project sought in the 12th article of the Guarantee of the REGULATION ON PREPAID HOUSING SALES prepared on the basis of the 46th and 84th articles of the Act on the Protection of the Consumer No.6502 dated 7/11/2013. The Notary cannot consent to these contracts without seeing the relevant Guarantees.