Our healthy living village consists of 2-storey mansions. Each mansion is made up of 10 or 14 individual apartments.
  • Apartments are equipped with the smart health system. (Doctor alert system in the living room, bathroom and bedroom, IP camera, etc. )
  • The apartments will be offered with complete furnishing and accessories.
  • Each apartment has its own hobby garden.
  • Each mansion has an inner yard with a folding glass ceiling that can be opened in every season. Inner courtyards have furnishing and TV and are ready for use.
  • Each household will benefit from a 24/7 health service and a general cleaning package for a monthly fee of 550 TL (with an increase in TEFE-TÜFE every year at 2018 prices).
  • The purchase prices start at 515.000 TL (including VAT; excluding deed and notary expenses and subscription) and change according to special assessments.
  • If you wish, you may rent your apartment out to us. Or you may use it yourself or let it out for rent.
  • Our guests who want to stay without buying will be able to live in our village at a monthly fee of 4500 TL+VAT (with TEFE-TÜFE increase every year at 2018 prices), which includes the health and cleaning package, but excludes meals.