The first of HerDem Healthy Living Villages will be located in Ortaköy. Why Selimpaşa, Ortaköy?
  • Close to Istanbul city center. (50 mins)
  • Istanbul's one of the most preferred holiday resorts.
  • Clean air and water.
  • Far from Istanbul's chaos, it is peaceful.
  • Seaside town.
We founded HerDem Healthy Living Village in the location with the cleanest air in Istanbul.
Istanbul District Air Quality Index
  • HerDem Healthy Living Village: 39
  • Kağıthane: 81
  • Kadıköy: 70
  • Avcılar: 59
  • Beşiktaş: 58
  • Ümraniye: 57
  • Sarayburnu: 55
Footnote: Air quality index is a value created by measuring PM 2.5, which gives the amount of particles in the air 2.5 microns in size. Air quality index below 50 indicates that the air is clean. Values above 50 may pose risks for human health and are not recommended. The measurements are up-to-date and belong to February 2018.