Herdem Healthy Living Village works with Acıbadem Healthcare Group as its Solution Partner in Health Services, and with American company Avendelle, which is an expert in elderly care and support services as its Business Solution Partner.
  • Rasim TopuzAcıbadem Mobile General Director
  • "We are a part of HerDem Healthy Living Villages by providing health services, which is what we do best as Acıbadem Health Group.
  • We will accompany our elderly at HerDem with our fully equipped infirmary and our specialist doctors and nurses 24/7. Also, a fully equipped ambulance with specialist staff will always be present in our village... Our physiotherapist, psychologist and dietitian will take care of our elderly at all times.
  • Starting from the first day, we will track the health records of our elderly. Thanks to our preventive and protective health care approach, we will make sure they lead a more pleasant life.
  • In a sense, we will raise awareness about health at HerDem. For example, we will suggest what to eat according to each season and how to live an active life.
  • Our health professionals will protect the general well-being of the village residents without being intrusive. We will have pleasant time with our elderly.
  • As Acıbadem Group, we are glad to be a part of HerDem Healthy Living Village. We believe that HerDem is an exemplary solution. We send our best wishes."
  • Terry HubbardAvendelle CEO
  • "We are here to create a quality, colorful, active living space at HerDem. We are proud to put HerDem into practice with our Turkish partner Etra.
  • In line with our common purpose, we are here to share the experiences we have gained in America over many years. We believe that Etra Holding will succeed in line with this purpose. We will walk together on the way to globalization together with Etra."