A Day at Healthy Living Village
Let's visit an elder who lives in Our Village with an Assistant
  • You can start your day with a breakfast your special assistant prepared for you.
  • You can go on a morning walk with your special assistant. You can monitor your health with the remote smart bracelet.
  • You can visit your special doctor whenever you wish.
  • You can have lunch at home.
  • In the afternoons, you can attend a physical therapy session in the pool.
  • In the evening, you can play chess with your friends in the facility.
  • You can have dinner at home.
  • You can visit a friend for coffee in the evening.
Let's see how an elderly who lives alone spends the day in our village.
  • You can start your day at your home with a fresh and natural breakfast.
  • You can go for a morning walk, and visit the hobby garden.
  • You can have lunch at the restaurant.
  • You can play an okey game with your friends in the evening.
  • You can have dinner at the cafeteria.
  • You can request a private vehicle for your trip outside the village the next day.
  • You can reserve the guest house for your family members.
  • You can watch a movie in the evening with friends.
If you are concerned about what happens when your family comes to visit you, they are more than welcome here.
  • You can have pleasant time with your grandchildren. (In the hobby garden, feeding the chickens...)
  • You can have a family barbecue in the picnic area..
  • You can go for a walk in the open air with your family..
  • You can have your dinner in the exclusive dining hall.
  • You can enjoy a movie in the exclusive cinema hall.