A Life Without Obstacles
By accepting the fact that we all can be disabled one day, we designed our healthy living village in conformity with a life without obstacles.
  • Throughout the entire village roads, walkways, building entrances, social facilities and all areas are designed in accordance with a life without obstacles. In the residences, access to the 2nd floor is granted with elevators.
  • In the houses, the wideness of doors and the way they open are arranged to permit a life without obstacles.
  • The furniture is also designed in the same way.
  • In the bathrooms, we built showers without stairs, and added handles and seats. The bathroom cabinets are specially designed to be easily used by disabled people. Also, we added an emergency button.
  • Special toilet seats were chosen for the elderly and disabled in the WC. We also installed hand rails.
  • As for the apartment heating system, we chose the most comfortable option of a radiant floor heating system with a boiler.
  • Security systems and fire warning systems were installed.
  • Infrastructure was established for an IP camera system through which relatives can monitor the resident depending if permitted.