Welcome to a healthy, peaceful and happy life with HerDem.
We believe that our elders deserve the best life. By considering their nostalgic wishes and needs, we developed HerDem Healthy Living Villages.
Our village project, which is located in the part of Istanbul with the freshest air, has been thoughtfully designed so that you can lead a healthy, active, and social life.
Welcome to HerDem Istanbul...
HerDem Social and Active
Say hello to a unique way of living in HerDem Healthy Living Village! When we talk about healthy living, we are not only referring to physical wellbeing, but also to a quality life where our souls and inner world are at peace. As HerDem, we offer solutions that meet all of your needs while you enjoy your time doing activities such as sports, arts, and cultural explorations that connect you to nature. Sometimes we revive old habits and sometimes we discover brand new pleasures.
HerDem Healthy
Health is the most precious treasure in life. Furthermore, living an energetic, happy and joyous life is within the realm of possibility. 24/7 supervision by doctors and nurses; a psychologist, physiotherapist and dietitian when needed... Ambulance ready all 24 hours... All with the assurance of Acıbadem Health Group.
HerDem Natural
Each day, we learn something new about natural world. Ecological and organic products, natural farming practices, natural recipes... At HerDem, you can eat fruit and vegetables that you’ve grow with your own hands.
HerDem I İstanbul